名師講堂(二十三):Optimization in Engineering Scope, Single-objective Methods, Multi-objective Methods and Applications


報告時間2019925日(星期三) 14:30—17:30


報告嘉賓Kalyanmoy Deb教授


Kalyanmoy Deb is Koenig Endowed Chair Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Michigan State University,USA. He received Honorary Doctorte degree from University of Jyvaskyla,Finland. He has been a visiting professor at various universities across the world including IITs inIndia, Aalto University inFinland, University of Skovde inSweden, Nanyang Technological University inSingapore. Prof. Deb's research interests are in evolutionary optimization and their application in multi-criterion optimization, modeling, and machine learning. He has published over 510 research papers with Google Scholar citation of over 130,000 with h-index 113. He is fellow of IEEE, ASME, and three Indian science and engineering academies. He is in the editorial board on 18 major international journals. He was awarded Infosys Prize, TWAS Prize in Engineering Sciences, CajAstur Mamdani Prize, Distinguished Alumni Award from IIT Kharagpur, Edgeworth-Pareto award, Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Sciences, and Bessel Research award fromGermany.

Kalyanmoy Deb是美國密歇根州立大學電子計算工程學院首席教授,獲得芬蘭捷瓦斯基拉大學榮譽博士學位,曾在印度理工學院、芬蘭阿爾托大學、瑞典斯可夫德大學和新加坡南洋理工大學擔任客座教授。Deb教授主要從事進化優化算法及其在多目標優化、建模和機器學習領域的應用研究缅甸真人百家le。Deb教授已發表文章510余篇,谷歌他引13次缅甸真人百家le,h-指數113,是IEEEASME等多家期刊的會員,獲得印孚瑟斯獎、工程科學TWAS獎等(個人主頁:http://www.coin-lab.org)缅甸真人百家le。

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